Hand Driven Fasteners

As you can see SteelLinx® offers a complete line of hand driven fasteners to suit any building need. But did you know they carry a comprehensive array of metal building products as well? From fasteners – to agricultural fencing – to rebar you can count on SteelLinx for high quality, competitive prices, and the dependable BlueLinx® service you know and trust.

Nails can make or break a building project

For interior and exterior jobs, from framing to concrete applications, using a high quality nail suited for the specific application is crucial. You can count on high quality SteelLinx® nails to consistently deliver excellent results. SteelLinx® provides a comprehensive line of nails available in all standard lengths. Each line offers a full assortment of shanks, finishes and coatings.

The right screw brings the job together

Screw's versatility make them the fastener of choice for a wide variety of tasks. Varying thread types and drill points are specifically designed for applications including wood, drywall, sheet metal and concrete. Screws also feature many different types of drives, such as Phillips, slot-head, hex and combo, making them suitable for use with different types of tools. SteelLinx® provides a comprehensive line of screws available in all standard lengths. Each line has specific applications as well as a variety of colors and corrosion resistant finishes.