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About SteelLinx

SteelLinx is BlueLinx's comprehensive, proprietary line of quality metal products.

Hand Driven Fasteners

For interior and exterior jobs, from framing to concrete applications, using a high quality fastener suited for the specific application is crucial. SteelLinx provides a comprehensive line of hand driven nails and screws available in all standard lengths, shanks, finishes and coatings. You can count on SteelLinx hand driven nails and screws to consistently deliver excellent results.

Collated Fasteners

From roofing and framing to finish and trim, SteelLinx has a collated fastener that can be used in virtually any brand of tool! Ask about our cross reference guide to help you locate the exact fastener you're looking for – fast.

Metal Lath & Stucco Netting

SteelLinx stucco netting and metal lath are made from prime quality galvanized steel to resist rust and corrosion. Stucco Netting is available in 17 or 20 gauge wire with a reverse twist weave which helps maintain a uniform mesh hole and dimensional stability. Metal Lath is available in Flat, Dimpled and V-Groove. Each sheet has square ends and smooth parallel edges for fast, easy handling and bending for curved surfaces. BlueLinx also offers a full complement of lath accessories to get the job done right.

Agricultural Metal

The reasons for putting up a fence are as varied as the types of fencing materials. SteelLinx offers a wide assortment of high-quality light, medium and heavy gauge fencing products in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to suit any project.

Rebar & Remesh

BlueLinx is your connection to one of the most comprehensive lines of concrete forming, fabrication, construction products and accessories. Our extensive product selection means you can rely on one supplier who understands your business and can deliver the products you need.

Concrete Accessories

When it comes to concrete construction, SteelLinx has a complete offering of forming, fabrication and job site accessories. You can count on Bluelinx to deliver the highest quality products to keep your job in line.

Roofing Accessories

Aluminum roll flashing, or valley metal, is used in a variety of roofing applications. It's most commonly field formed and used in a flashing or trim capacity for various areas of a home such as chimneys, fascia, endwalls, and sidewalls. Lightweight and easy to work with, aluminum roll flashing resists rust. If it's strength you're seeking, however, choose from our galvanized steel flashing.

Siding Accessories

Using high-grade trim coil, soffit, and fascia helps reduce costly repairs and maintenance caused by the effects of rain, snow, and wind. BlueLinx provides such options that help uphold the overall appearance and structural integrity of your home.

About BlueLinx

Welcome to a new era of building products distribution. Offering more than 70,000 brand name SKUs, a sophisticated logistics network and an experienced local and national sales force - BlueLinx is able to provide a wide range of value-added services and solutions to our customers.

  • Over 70,000 SKUs Available In Job Lot Quantities
  • Green Certified Products
  • Mixed & Full Truckload Delivery
  • Brands You Know And Trust
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